Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mom's having surgery

Last night we celebrated Amy's birthday and Mother's day together (b/c mom was supposed to be out of town on Mom's day, so we decided we would celebrate them together). We ate dinner at a Thai restaurant in Chantilly and then went home for some yummy cake. The whole night Dad kept telling mom she couldn't eat b/c of her surgery tomorrow (now today) and then she would proceed in telling him that she can eat up until midnight. But that got us talking about her surgery and she is so funny. I think she thinks that she'll be running marathons by next week or something. She had my crutches to take to the hospital for after surgery (so they don't have to pay for another set... we've seemed to collect crutches from all the injuries we've had). But then as I was leaving she said "well I probably won't need these will I?" And I'm thinking no, mom, you're only having some guy stick these hard objects in your knee to look around and cut off anything that may be hindering your movement. No surely you won't need crutches the SAME DAY OF YOUR SURGERY to get around. I mean, she's a fighter and you gotta love her for that. But I've had that surgery twice now and I think I remember using the crutches to get out of the hospital, so my guess is, she will probably need them. All that to say... say a prayer that the God is leading the docs hands and mom recovers quickly b/c if she doesn't she may be throwing her crutches at the people who convinced her to get the surgery... gulp.


Kate said...

Hey! I just read your comment on my blog regarding Jason Campbell. That's so cool! Even more so because my oldest asks me often which of the Redskins are Christians and he hopes Jason is because he just loves him at QB. I guess I can tell him now when he asks that maybe he is instead of I don't know! Thanks for visiting my blog. A long long long time ago when Charlotte first meet Adam (when she was a lifeguard at your n'hood pool back in the days) I may have meet you when we went by your house. I think you would have been little!

charadam said...

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