Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Goin' to tha Chapel....

As most of you know, Amy (oldest sister), got married this weekend!! It was such a special time not only because we got to see God's faithfulness to two of His children by bringing them together, but also because our whole family was there. It's not everyday that you can get us all together in the same place and time. It was a special time for us as a family and especially Amy.

Since graduating from college, moving to Maryland and moving back to Northern VA, Amy and I have grown closer than I ever imagined we would. Obviously, I have always loved her and wanted the best for her as her sister. But as we've grown closer and developed a friendship, it has allowed us to share in joys and sorrows in a way that goes so much deeper than just friendship or just sisterhood. She's not just my sister and not just my friend, she's both! Sometimes we would sit and talk about life and boys and families, and it didn't seem fair that God had not yet brought Amy to her husband. There was definitely a lot of trial and error (dates with different guys). But these trial and errors have produced some HILARIOUS stories that could make you laugh so hard you'd cry (SCORE!!!). Like all things in life, with the laughs, came the tears. My heart would ache for her sometimes and I wondered why God was letting it take so long for this desire of hers to be filled... It all seemed so unfair. Here was a girl who had laid down her life to serve God (have I mentioned that Amy is about as loyal a person as I've met), to further His Kingdom, and He wouldn't fulfill just this one little desire. Sometimes I just wanted to throw one of those 2-year-old-tantrums to God pleading her case for her... because she sure as heck wouldn't do it. I mean hello, here's this beautiful Godly woman.... God must have just missed her on accident? Okay, not likely. But I can't say that I never wondered what in the world God was waiting for! But Amy allowed her unfulfilled desire to be the thorn in her side that would undoubtedly lead her back to Christ as the devil tried to convince her that God had forgotten her. She prayed for a man that would love and serve Christ with her and for many other characteristics that Christ has honored, not because she's been so faithful but because HE is so faithful and loves His children. I'm still not sure what took so long, but I know that David and Amy were made for each other! I think she'd tell you a million times over, David was worth waiting for! She's been glowing since they began dating. Love looks good on her (and David too)!!

I'm so thankful that Amy and I have grown so close and I've been able to walk through some of this part of life with her. It has been such a tangible reminder to me that God is working behind the scenes even though it may not always seem like it. And that we are called to trust and delight ourselves in Him, then He will take care of the rest! Congrats to Amy and David!

Here are some pictures of God's faithfulness this weekend! ENJOY

The happy couple

Getting to see loved ones and new additions b/c of the wedding!

Siblings all together

Swanson girls and their dapper men!

The whole clan :)

Some lovin' at the Rehearsal

The NEWLYWEDS!!!! Great is Thy faithfulness!!!

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