Friday, June 13, 2008

Fantastic Fridays.... a doosie of a week is finally over

It's been one of those weeks that I'm just thanking God it's Friday. You know the type of week that you find out your A/C is going to take a couple thousand dollars to actually fix and not just bandage up the problem, or you know, the type of week when you're trying to get to an appointment to pick up your bridesmaid dress before the shop closes (which of course you had to get something done at work so you're already running late) and your car won't start because the battery is dead. Only to find out that your NEW (to you) car's battery is the very same one that was installed when making the car... which means you need a completely new battery. Drat. As if that's not enough, an old romance of yours and you decide it's too hard to be friends....again, and you're back on the roller coaster of remembering what it feels like to lose someone special to you... all over again, even if it is just as a friend. Or even better, the type of week that you find out on Friday that one of your favorite artists is playing in your city, but you didn't realize it was THIS Friday, so you will undoubtedly not be in attendance unless you can figure out a way to get a ticket, get home after work, change, get back out to DC and figure out a way to conjure up some energy so to actually enjoy the concert and not sit there like a zombie. Yes, one of those kind of weeks.
Needless to say, it's been a rough week... BUT, Mom and Meggo are making their way up here from SC in the hot box (Durango with no a/c) and will be here all week! And that is pretty Fantastic in my book, especially after the week I've had. I'm looking fwd to hanging out with both of them, doing the bridal shower thing with Amy and maybe hitting the pool and relaxing while catching some rays.
Now I have to get back to work (lunch break in my cube, how dreadfully exciting) and call the help line for AKO because I can't seem to log on and take my No Fear Training class online. Oh joy. The week just keeps getting better. Someone get me out of here. Thank goodness it's Fantastic Friday.... lol.

I just realized something... today is Friday, the 13th. Now this is all making sense. ;)

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