Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Parent's Day....

Before I go into all of the reasons I didn't write a Father's Day blog yesterday, I would be remiss if I didn't add that I never wrote a Mother's Day blog either. You see, I got off track with this whole blogging thing... so, instead of blogging about how wonderful my dad is, I'm going to blog about how special both of my parents are. After all, they make each other stronger and sharper, so it's hard to talk about one with out mentioning the other.
Mom and Dad really are a force to be reckoned with... The majority of the adult world can not say they have raised 5 children that are in some manner of speaking, a positive influence to today's society and have loving relationships with each of them to this day. If you ask either of them about how they think they did as parents they would give you a laundry list of things that they should've done better. But if you ask me, or any of my siblings for that matter, I think we'd all say the same thing. Mom and Dad gave us everything they had, supported and loved us always. Even through the times when we acted in ways that to some people would be considered very unlovable.... and trust me, I know there were plenty of times that I was a very unlovable teenager! Mom and Dad cultivated a home that was safe, encouraging, challenging, fun, loving and most of all Christ centered.
I'm not really sure words can personify the ways Mom and Dad shaped our lives. They were never too tired to help us with a project or some homework (Dad, do you remember trying to teach me that the holes on loose leaf paper were supposed to go on the left?? There were a lot of tears and flipping of the paper but you finally got it through my stubborn skull...). Mom and Dad were the parent's that everyone could depend on to show up. Whether it was to a sporting event, band concert, PTA meeting, church gathering or being a field trip chaperone, they were always there. I seldom remember a time that something was needed and they weren't around to help fulfill the need.

Sure, Mom and Dad may not have been perfect. But in their own right, they were Super-Mom and Super-Dad to us. I couldn't begin to count the many sacrifices and ways that they showed their "super humanness" through parenting to us, but I can tell you that I'm thankful God chose me to be their child. I got to grow up in a home that my mom and dad were a team and they made it a priority to make sure we felt and knew that we were loved. It may not have been perfect and I'm sure there were times that they felt like they weren't getting through to us. But we knew. We knew they loved us with everything they had. They loved us in different ways at different times but they always loved us and wanted nothing but the best for us.
So Happy Parent's Day, Mom and Dad! I can't thank you enough for the unconditional love you gave to me from day #1. I know that there are times I don't tell you enough but I love you and am so thankful I am yours and you are mine!

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JulieMonte said...

Well written and I agree 110%. M&D thanks for all you do and have done. We love you.