Friday, June 6, 2008

Fantastic Fridays

Well I must admit today has not seemed like a "fantastic friday" so far. I was exhausted by the time I finally went to bed last night. My small group combined with a guys small group in the area and we had a little summer bbq in Alexandria. Then we went to "The Dairy Godmother" for some frozen custard.... a little bit of Heaven right here in Alexandria!! mmm, mmm good! One of my good friends, Jordan was there and he let me ride on his motorcycle throughout the cute little neighborhood and that was my excitement for the night. I came home to an 82 degree house, did I mention my a/c is not working. lovely. Most of you who read my blog know how miserable it can be here in nova during the summer with no a/c. ugh.

But I just thought of why today IS fantastic.... the a/c man is coming to my house and hopefully my home will be a comfortable 68 degrees when I get home! yahooo! Yep, there's my answer. I will have a/c (Lord willing) soon and that is very fantastic. Oh, and I have another bbq tonight, which in my mind, is fantastic too!

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JulieMonte said...

It's funny you were complaining that your house is hot at 82 b/c we keep our AC set at 81.

I kept looking for pics from your trip to LA but you obviously haven't posted them. (I'm one to talk I haven't posted pics from Memorial weekend). I hope your Fantastic Friday gets better.