Monday, August 1, 2011

I Wish It Were a Monday... 'Cause That's My Fun Day!

Day 22:

Monday....I love Mondays, well, I love every other Monday to be exact. And today was one of the Mondays I love because today was my last Monday off (of work). My last CWS (compressed work schedule, oh how I will miss you). Which means, THIS IS MY LAST WEEK OF WORK! That sounds crazy to me. The thought of the move gave me my first hint of butterflies today. I'm not sure if they are excited butterflies or, HOL-EEEY CRAP-I-Am-Moving-butterflies. Probably both. Who knows....But one thing is certain, Dad and I will be on the road in less than two weeks!

I spent my last Monday off to meet up with a friend that wasn't able to come to the bbq and then did a little shopping, had a great lunch and came home to hang with the Campbell clan (David's brother is here with his family too, so it was a full, high-energy house). I helped Amy cook dinner. By the way, cooking is so much more enjoyable when you cook with or for someone! And then got in a game of Settlers with A & D after the kids went down... It was a great day filled with no schedule and just quality time with people I love. I'm not sure I got much done for the move today but (none), but it'll get done some how. I'm not going to stress it, so you shouldn't either!

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