Friday, August 5, 2011

Last day of work

Day 26:

Today I said good bye to my cubicle life (for now and hopefully forever) and hello to the unknown and opportunity! I truthfully don't know what this new life will bring, but for some reason today, that seems kind of exciting and surprisingly freeing. I wasn't doing cartwheels as I walked through the parking garage to my car, but almost shook my head in disbelief that I was finished. Finished with that chapter of my career, finished with this Virginia chapter of my least for now.

I don't know, maybe God will bring me back to this area. Maybe He won't. That's the exciting thing. There are so many options and so many variables that I couldn't possibly guess what will come out of this new chapter and where I will end up! I just have to keep walking, keep pursuing Him, keep chasing after this dream....just keep on keepin' on as they say, and hopefully, I'll come out of this knowing more of Him, more of myself, and how to let God love others through me in whatever way He sees fit.

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