Monday, August 8, 2011

Quality time :D

Day 29:

What a perfect Monday so far. Amy and I took M & W to the park today and it couldn't have been a more beautiful summer's day here in Virginia. We packed lunch too, so we had ourselves a little picnic to top it all off! It's one of those days I'm gonna store in my memory bank and let it call a smile to my face when I remember it. I know in my head there must be things I need to do in preparation for this move, but I honestly feel like I'm ready to go. Sans actually being packed up by the movers. I guess my mind knows I need to soak up all the quality time I can get with the people I love before I leave so the actual tasks are getting pushed to the back burner. They'll get done. They always do. And if they don't, well, I'll still end up in Colorado. Maybe I'll be missing a suitcase of clothes, but I can recover those.... What I can't get back are days like today, and getting to love on M & W, and spend time with my sis!

The other night M climbed up to where we had W positioned in the little nook of the couch. He almost squished her out of excitement to be sitting next to her. Then he put his finger into W's hand and looked at Amy with is hand out for her to grab. As she did, he looked at me and then David and said "other one." He wanted all of us to hold hands. Amy asked him, "are we going to pray?" His grin turned into a full blown smile and he closed his eyes. Then he followed with the sweetest voice he could possibly talk in, one that would melt anyone's heart. He said, "Dear God..... thank you (for) dede...... thank you (for) mommy....... thank you (for) W......... and thank you (for) daddy... ..... ALL DONE." I almost turned to mush right then and there. I love that little boy. I'm not sure what provoked him to do that but it was just one more little moment* to store in my memory bank and take with me to Colorado.

*David beat Amy and I in Settlers AGAIN tonight. This is a memory I would not mind forgetting!! GAH!!!!!

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